crono•biz has been 4 years in the making … and we’re just getting started.

We are freelance software developers and we like to get paid for the work we do. This requires capturing time into timesheets, and it is the bane of our existence. In 2009, we decided that we needed a better way than the various approaches we’d tried to then.

Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, we looked around for solutions. And we looked, and looked and looked.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Oh sure, there were systems, but every one we found was broken in subtle or not so subtle ways. Importantly, we just couldn’t see ourselves using any of these. So, after 6 months of searching, we finally decided to build our own. So, we did just that, and a simple version, but one we could buy into, was born.

4 years later, and most of the systems we see today are still broken, deficient or seriously too hard to use.

In the meanwhile, our little system kept on working, and kept on keeping staff accurately recording times. It does this by keeping the time between effort and capture as short as possible. We measure that time internally, and strive to keep it below 4 working hours. This means that managers always see up-to-date metrics, and can make informed decisions.

Over the years, we’ve made numerous attempts at modernising the running system, with the express desire to have it more widely used. Until now, all of these have failed. Mostly, because we were busy with clients.

Well, we’re still busy with clients, but we made enough time to get this into beta.

Welcome, crono•biz.